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Puthiyathalaimurai covers latest updates on Breaking Tamil News,Latest news,News headlines,Politics news,District news,World news,Movie news,Sports news, etc.


About Puthiya Thalaimurai Advertising

Puthiya Thalaimurai is a Tamil News TV Channel. Get Discounted Price, Reach and list of popular programs for Puthiya Thalaimurai

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How do I know my ad has been placed?

The precise spot timings of the Advertisement will be sent to the client for verification.

Traditional airtime advertising is the most cost effective way to reach large audiences at a time when they are relaxed, receptive and enjoying some time watching their favorite programmes.Puthiya Thalaimurai is the premier provider of real-world entertainment, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography that consistently represent quality for viewers. Puthiya Thalaimurai advertising unrivalled ability to create business profit, sales and numerous other positive effects were enjoyed by many new or returning brands to Television channels last year. However, for first-timers wanting to make the step up to Television channel advertising, it can seem a little daunting, which is why we’ve put together this section of the website to guide you through it all.Whatever your budget: gain inspiration from other advertisers who have dipped their toes in the TV waters with great success; be able to get to grips with some of that Puthiya Thalaimurai advertising jargon, and a whole lot more besides.Whatever your budget: gain inspiration from other advertisers who have dipped their toes in the TV waters with great success; be able to get to grips with some of that Puthiya Thalaimurai advertising jargon, and a whole lot more besides.Before launching into this toothsome section, let’s remind ourselves of some of the reasons why Puthiya Thalaimurai Television advertising is so brilliant at creating success for brands and businesses both in the short-term and the long-term.

Why Advertising In Puthiya Thalaimurai Works

Puthiya Thalaimurai is the most effective advertising medium. It generates the most profit, creates more sales and consistently outperforms everything else. Puthiya Thalaimurai Television stands head and shoulders above other media in driving business results.

Puthiya Thalaimurai Advertising Has Unbeatable Scale And Reach

Puthiya Thalaimurai is enormous and by far the most popular medium for all age groups. It is the TV channel’s unique ability to deliver huge audience figures in a short space of time that is part of the reason it is the most effective type of advertising around.

Puthiya Thalaimurai Ads Are Vital For Long-Term Success

Puthiya Thalaimurai advertising has many short-term effects, such as driving sales, creating spikes in online search and creating word of mouth on and offline. It works and it works fast. However, immediate success is only one part of Puthiya Thalaimurai channel’s power. The effects of Puthiya Thalaimurai Television advertising accumulate over time; the longer you advertise, the bigger the effect. It is vital for long-term success.

Puthiya Thalaimurai Campaign Cost

Costs are determined by the number of viewers and how sought-after the programming is, as well as the breadth of the campaign. So there is an opportunity for everyone – regardless of budget!

Puthiya Thalaimurai Advertising can be broken into two main costs, Creative (the making of your advert) and Media (the cost of placing it on a Colors channel).

In general Puthiya Thalaimurai channel price is set by DLVP and most broadcasters trade at either a discount or premium depending a number of variables:

  • Seasonality– costs vary by month (summer tends to be cheaper than autumn for example)
  • Advertiser demand – If there is a high demand for Puthiya Thalaimurai Television advertising in the marketplace, you will pay more
  • Time length of the creative – 30 seconds is an industry standard, if the length of your advert is shorter or longer than this, the costs will vary accordingly Time of day – Certain day parts are more expensive than others (i.e. early evening peak) as this is when most Indian viewers are tuning in.

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